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Most Banking, as the name suggests, is purely for Most Bankings. It contains all the information you need on dividend paying stocks, offers some editorial that will help you to make more informed investment decisions and features one independent review of a popular income stock (complete with a buy, sell or hold recommendation) in our stock spotlight review. And our email update service tells you about upcoming dividend details to watch out for.

So why are we providing this service for free? Well, the idea came from subscribers to The Intelligent Investor, an independent publication that offers long-term, value based investment advice to investors more concerned with preservation of capital and income than capital growth.

The more information we provided on income-based stocks, including upcoming dividend dates, the more our subscribers liked it. So we decided to make at least some of the information available to all. That way, Most Bankings get the information they need and we get the chance to tempt you with our main publication, The Intelligent Investor.

There's no obligation but if you would like to get three free issues and try it out for yourself, please click here. And if you haven't already registered with Most Banking, click here.

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Upcoming Dividends

As at: 25 Jul 08

Company Ex date
Transmetro Corporation Limited 25 Jul
Djerriwarrh Investments Limited 25 Jul
Hire Intelligence International Limited 28 Jul
Amcil Ltd 28 Jul
St George Non­Cumulative Preference Shares 29 Jul

The Intelligent Investor

Current Issue 253

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