Financial Services Guide

This Financial Services Guide was prepared on 2 April 2012 and issued by The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd.

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is designed to inform you of certain matters relating to our future relationship before we provide you with a financial service. It covers who we are, how we may be contacted, the financial services that we are authorised to provide, how we and our staff are paid, details of any potential conflicts of interest and how you can make a complaint. This information is set out in the questions and answers that follow.

Please keep this FSG for future reference. Should you lose it, a copy is available from us on request, or can be downloaded from our websites or If you do not understand anything in it, or require more information, please contact us (details below).

In the event you wish to acquire a financial product other than securities from us, we must provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). The PDS will contain information about the product that will enable you to make an informed decision about it.

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Questions you might ask:


What is Intelligent Investor?

The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd publishes two investment services, Intelligent Investor ( and Walnut Report (, available by subscription. We also publish several associated websites, including New2Shares (, Most Banking ( and Directors’ Transactions ( We may also publish other websites from time to time.

Our licence also enables us to offer funds management services but these services are offered to wholesale investors only. This FSG relates to the services we provide to retail investors.

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Who will provide the financial services to me?

Licensee: The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd, trading as Intelligent Investor
ABN: 12 108 915 233
Australian Financial Services Licence Number: 282288
Place of Business:
Level 2
122 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Contact details:
Postal Address:
PO Box Q744
Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

Telephone:  (02) 8305 6000 or 1800 620 414
  + 61 2 8305 6000 (international)
Fax:   (02) 9387 8674
Email:  [email protected]

The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd acts on its own behalf. It is responsible for the financial services provided to you.


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What kind of financial services are you authorised to provide and to what kind of products do those services relate?

The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to carry on a financial services business to:

(a)    provide general financial product advice to retail and wholesale clients for the following classes of financial products:

(i)                 deposit and payment products limited to:

(A) basic deposit products

(ii)               derivatives;

(iii)             foreign exchange contracts;

(iv)             interests in managed investment schemes excluding investor directed portfolio services; and

(v)               securities; and


(b) deal in a financial product in respect of wholesale clients only by:

(i) applying for, acquiring, varying or disposing of a financial product on behalf of another person in respect of the following classes of products:

(A) deposit and payment products limited to:

            (1) basic deposit products;

(B) interests in managed investment schemes excluding investor directed portfolio services;

(C) securities;

We do not offer any service for you to buy or sell the investments we may recommend. A list of stockbrokers who are licensed to deal in these investments is available from the Australian Securities Exchange (

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Will you provide me with advice suitable for my objectives, financial situation or needs?

No. We provide general advice only, not personal advice, and have no knowledge of your personal situation. The advice on the Intelligent Investor and Walnut Report websites, our other websites, in the Intelligent Investor print edition, and in any seminar, has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should, before acting on our recommendations, consider their appropriateness to your situation. We recommend you contact a financial adviser or stockbroker who is licensed to provide you with personal financial advice before acting on any of our recommendations and information

We may also occasionally provide analysis which incorporates the impact of tax. However we do not provide tax advice and recommend you seek advice from a professional tax adviser.


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How do you get paid?

Intelligent Investor and Walnut Report are subscription-based services. A subscription fee is payable when you subscribe to our services and depends on the length of time you subscribe for and the range of services you select.

We offer a range of subscription options, including monthly payment. Under our monthly payment options, your credit card will be debited with a monthly payment until you cancel

The current range of subscription fees is available on our websites ( and or by contacting us. Please note that subscription fees may change from time to time depending on promotional offers.

We offer a money back guarantee at any time during your subscription if you are unhappy with our services. For monthly payment members, the guarantee is limited to the lesser of your total payments, or one year’s worth of payments.

We may also conduct seminars or sell other products, such as special reports, from time to time. Seminar and product prices will be available on our websites or by calling us.

The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd’s licence also allows it to provide funds management services to wholesale investors. Our wholesale funds management business is run through Intelligent Investor Funds Pty Ltd, a related body corporate and authorised representative of The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd. This company receives management fees for providing these services.

We do not receive any other fees, commissions or benefits for the services we provide.

Employees of The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd receive a salary and may also receive performance-based bonuses. Sales and marketing staff may be paid commissions on subscriptions they sell. No employee is entitled to any other fees, commissions or benefits from The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd or any other person in relation to the financial services provided.

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How do you manage potential conflicts of interest?

The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd, and its related bodies corporate, do not have any relationships or associations with any other financial product providers that influence, or could reasonably be expected to influence, us in the provision of financial services that we are licensed to provide.

We do not undertake commissioned research. All our research is undertaken on an objective basis.

Our staff are required to comply with a staff trading policy, details of which are available on our websites. Staff holdings in listed securities and managed investment schemes are disclosed on the website (access available to subscribers only), and in every print edition.

Our related funds management business, Intelligent Investor Funds Pty Ltd, operates from the same premises but ‘Chinese walls’ are in place to prevent information flows. Intelligent Investor Funds Pty Ltd is not involved in the research process and does not have access to research until it is published on the website for all members.

Intelligent Investor Funds Pty Ltd does not pay commissions to financial advisers.


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What should I know about the risks of the financial advice you provide?

There are risks with all investments and their prices may fall as well as rise. There is also a chance that you could lose your entire investment.

Investments listed on the Australian Securities Exchange are by their nature more volatile and higher risk than many other types of investments. It is the nature of investing that not all recommendations will be successful.

Intelligent Investor assigns risk ratings to the investments recommended. These risk ratings are general in nature and can change over time. We recommend you read our Membership Companion for further information on risk ratings.

As indicated earlier, we provide general advice only. We do not provide personal advice. We recommend you consult a financial adviser or stockbroker who is licensed to provide you with personal advice to help you determine your risk profile, objectives and needs.

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Do you have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes. The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd has professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place, in compliance with our obligations under s.912B of the Corporations Act 2001.


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What information do you maintain in my file?

We keep your name and address details in our databases for the purpose of providing the services you request. We may also keep your telephone and email details if you provide them to us. We may also keep a record of any correspondence between you and us, including but not limited to, emails, telephone conversations and letters. At any time, you may change or remove your details by contacting us.

We may from time to time inform you of special offers or new products, or ask your opinion of our services, but you may opt out of receiving any of these offers by contacting us. We will not share your personal information with any third party without your express permission. Intelligent Investor respects your privacy and abides by the Privacy Act.


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How do I make a complaint?

We try to adhere to the highest standards of conduct at all times. Nevertheless, we understand there may be times when you would like to make a complaint about our services. Our dispute resolution process is as follows:

  1. Contact us and tell us about your complaint. We will try to resolve it fairly and quickly.
  2. If your complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, please write to the Managing Director of Intelligent Investor with your complaint using the contact details in this FSG.
  3. If your complaint still cannot be resolved, The Intelligent Investor Publishing Pty Ltd is a member of an external dispute resolution scheme called the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). FOS can be telephoned on 1300 780 808 and its website is FOS will facilitate discussions and negotiations between the parties to help reach agreement and provide an independent adjudicator if necessary. You won’t pay any fee for this service.
  4. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) also has an information line which you can use to make a complaint or obtain information about your rights. The telephone number is 1300 300 630.

Download a PDF copy of this FSG  

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