• 3/12/13

    Don’t slip up on skid ROE

    Investors using simple return on equity measures to value Forge Group have just lost their shirt. Nathan Bell explains a better way to use this...

  • 30/7/13

    How to decide when to sell

    With the market surging, it's a good time for a portfolio review. James Carlisle explains how to tell when it's time to part with a stock.

  • 20/3/13

    Can computer programs pick stocks?

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could outsource all that thinking and analytical graft to a computer? John Addis welcomes you to stock picking’s crystal...

  • 2/8/12

    Three essential IPO questions

    It is possible to make money from floats but more often than not, they’re a fool’s paradise. Here are the three essential questions you need to ask.

  • 19/6/12

    How to value retirement property

    Investors have fled the retirement property sector, but there may be opportunities amongst the wreckage. To value these stocks, however, you need to...

  • 14/6/12

    Lessons from an investing legend

    Seth Klarman has had immense success with some complex investments, but his approach is simple: Buy what others are selling, give yourself an edge and...

  • 26/4/12

    Why cash flow yield beats PER

    Forget the PER, says James Greenhalgh. If you’re looking for a superior valuation tool, put the free cash flow yield in your arsenal.

  • 27/3/12

    Myth-busting investing clichés

    Are investing clichés a reliable source of popular wisdom or are they misleading, dangerous and potentially very costly?

  • 27/9/11

    The diversification matrix

    Is your portfolio diversified and intelligently so? Put it to the test with this simple investing technique.


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  • Fairfax or Flight Centre?
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  • For the love of Qantas, sack Joyce
  • Risk, uncertainty and Forge
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  • Sonic and Australia's newest duopoly
  • CSL's next gen a blood curdler
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