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Hire Intelligence International Limited (HII)

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Hire Intelligence (formerly Computer Rentals), began trading on 18 February 1992. On 15 February 1996 Tom Crage purchased the business, renamed it "Hire Intelligence" and developed the infrastructure necessary for Franchising. Hire Intelligence's first Franchisee commenced trading on 1st August 1996. Five years later, 31st October 2001, it had 51 Franchised Territories operating from 40 locations.ACTIVITIES:Hire Intelligence is involved in miscellaneous industrials and is a leader in computer, audio visual, videoconferencing & training room short-term rentals. They rent their products on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis from their outlets in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and the Philippines. Brands which are suplied include: Toshiba, Hewlett Packard as well as Compaq. Service and delivery of PCs, notebooks, projectors, printers and servers are also functions carried out by the company.

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28 Jul 2008 20 Aug 2008 2.00 Interim 100% 9.76%  
26 Jul 2007 20 Aug 2007 0.60 Interim 100% 12.68%  
24 Apr 2007 22 May 2007 2.00 Interim 100% 9.76%  

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