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ABC began producing cement at Brighton, near Adelaide in 1882. This enterprise, Brighton Co, amalgamated with its competitor, Adelaide Cement, in 1971 to form ABC. In 1984, ABC expanded into the US with the acquisition of Stresscon, later sold. ABC formed a partnership with Hawaiian Cement (50%) in 1985, sold in 1997, and in 1987 expanded locally and in NZ through acquisitions including the diversified Humes Group with its wire product interests, sold in 1996. In 1993, ABC restructured, acquiring Australian Cement’s Geelong plant and selling 49% of its operating subsidiary to Australian Cement. In 1998/99, ABC acquired 100% interest in Adelaide Brighton Cement and merged with Cockburn Cement (Rugby Group - UK). Fuel & Combustion Technology was sold in 1999. Activities Since reorganising, ABC has concentrated on its established cement and planned lime businesses. It is one of the largest cement manufacturers in Australia. Adelaide Brighton Cement has four plants with a capacity of nearly 3m tonnes pa. Northern Cement operates a clinker grinding plant with an annual capacity of 200,000 tonnes. Sunstate Cement (50%) has a capacity of 1m tonnes and Independent Cement & Lime (50%) distributes cement in Vic and NSW. Pavement Technology offers a range of services including recycling and profiling. ABC is diversifying into quicklime production based on its Exmouth lime deposit in WA.

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