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ASX Group operates cash and derivatives markets via the Australian Securities Exchange, and provides clearing, settlement, compliance and information services. With the role of supervising trading on ASX’s licensed financial markets transferred to ASIC at the start of August 2010, and government in-principle approval for the entry of rival exchange provider Chi-X Australia, ASX shareholders are living in interesting times.

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17 Aug 2006 Full Year  
16 Aug 2007 Full Year  
20 Aug 2009 Full Year  
14 Aug 2008 Full Year  
17 Feb 2009 Interim  
17 Feb 2006 Interim  
18 Feb 2010 Interim  
17 Feb 2011 Interim  
17 Feb 2011 Interim  
14 Feb 2008 Interim  
15 Feb 2007 Interim  

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