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APA Group owns and operates Australia’s largest network of natural gas transmission pipelines (used to haul large volumes of gas over long distances, as opposed to the distribution network which brings gas to your stove). The group’s assets are highly regulated, due to their monopolistic nature. Coverage was ceased due to APA's aggressive strategy, which includes selling reliable assets. We prefer infrastructure stocks to be dull and reliable, given the large licks of debt housed within their complicated structures.

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29 Aug 2006 Full Year  
29 Aug 2007 Full Year  
25 Aug 2009 Full Year  
26 Aug 2008 Full Year  
24 Feb 2009 Interim  
21 Feb 2006 Interim  
24 Feb 2010 Interim  
23 Feb 2011 Interim  
23 Feb 2011 Interim  
26 Feb 2008 Interim  
27 Feb 2007 Interim  

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