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Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ)

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ANZ is one of Australia’s four major banks, offering a full range of services to local customers. With the goal to become a ‘super regional bank’, it is the largest Australian bank in both New Zealand and Asia – the latter via several equity stakes in other banks in the region. In late 2009, ANZ acquired many of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Asian businesses and took full ownership of its wealth management and life insurance joint ventures with ING. Major rivals include National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank and Westpac.

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26 Oct 2006 Full Year  
25 Oct 2007 Full Year  
18 Nov 2008 Full Year  
21 Oct 2009 Full Year  
3 Nov 2011 Full Year  
25 Oct 2012 Full Year  
30 Apr 2013 Interim  
2 May 2012 Interim  
27 Apr 2006 Interim  
29 Apr 2010 Interim  
3 May 2011 Interim  
29 Apr 2009 Interim  
23 Apr 2008 Interim  
26 Apr 2007 Interim  

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