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AMP is Australia’s largest retail and corporate superannuation provider and one of Australia’s largest fund managers. After demutualising and listing in 1998, an aggressive expansionist strategy was followed by a (somewhat predictable) bout in the corporate emergency ward in 2003. The company seems to have recovered well from those dark days, though returns to float investors have been disappointing and it is a rather hitched to the global financial downturn.

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16 Feb 2006 Full Year  
15 Feb 2007 Full Year  
14 Feb 2008 Full Year  
14 Feb 2008 Full Year  
19 Feb 2009 Full Year  
18 Feb 2010 Full Year  
17 Feb 2011 Full Year  
17 Feb 2011 Full Year  
19 Aug 2010 Interim  
20 Aug 2009 Interim  
28 Aug 2008 Interim  
23 Aug 2007 Interim  
24 Aug 2006 Interim  

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