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AHC Limited (AHC)

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AHC is a property developer and investor. AHC's strategic plan is to develop and retain prime commercial property. AHC's investment property portfolio includes a service station, a shopping centre, showrooms and a tavern/hotel. Current developments include residential and retail projects. AHC intends to expand into the management of property trusts. AHC's Chairman and MD, Ian MacLeod, has interests in about 49% of AHC's issued ordinary capital.

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21 Aug 2007 Full Year  
27 Aug 2008 Full Year  
20 Aug 2009 Full Year  
4 Feb 2010 Interim  
21 Feb 2011 Interim  
21 Feb 2011 Interim  
23 Feb 2009 Interim  
26 Feb 2008 Interim  
7 Feb 2007 Interim  

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