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This site will be most useful to investors interested in regular, stable income. The analysts that do the research for Most Banking, who undertake independent research for our main publication, The Intelligent Investor, have been investing their own money for many years and know the importance of a dividend.

We believe that, old-fashioned as it may sound, over the long-term a stock price is a reflection of a company's ability to make a profit now and into the future, and its ability to return at least some of that to shareholders.

This is one of the principles of value investing, an approach also followed by the world's second richest man, Warren Buffett, and the analytical team at The Intelligent Investor.

We're aware that price and value are two very different things and that the stock market often behaves irrationally. That's what creates the opportunities for genuine long-term investors. If this approach sounds as though it makes sense, then you may like to register for three free issues of The Intelligent Investor by clicking here.

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Upcoming Dividends

As at: 25 Jan 14

Company Ex date
Ozgrowth Limited 28 Jan
Westoz Investment Company Limited 28 Jan
Djerriwarrh Investments Limited 28 Jan
Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited 4 Feb
ANZ CPS3 Convertible Preference Shares 10 Feb

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